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by The Milky Baskets

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released March 9, 2014

C Fernandez - Vocals "Don't Burden"
A Machock - Drums "Stand Up Screaming"
KP Linn - All




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Paisley Shirt Records San Francisco, California

Paisley Shirt Records is a San Francisco based record label that produces the highest quality music that a bedroom can offer.

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Track Name: How I Wrote Light in the Mirror
When reflections shine over your head
It's a sensation that you don't understand
You've spent too much time on it, again
I see no problem in your kindness
It's not as solemn as you'll find it
Stack goods in the back of your house
You're a possession hoard just like a mouse
And every day you want to get off of your couch
I've seen the pictures in your attic
Each one perpetually static
Why don't you wake up for a brand new day
Each one before wasn't that great
You stand around and wait
At least you tried it anyway
Track Name: Rusted Teenagers
I call a sweet love many things
It's more than a diamond ring
Rested on a furnace in the nighttime
With an ashy pile growing on the mattress side
It embeds in the seams of the tight-knitted
Strings that seem to never end
An ambulance is rushing to save a life
It woke me up the other night
A measure of intense fright
A blister in the light
A baseball bat and knife
For a cat and mouse game
It's a method of playing
And everyone seems to call my name
Track Name: Don't Burden the Body's Ghost
Don't burden the body's ghost
Because I still love you
And I won't dislodge you
From your castle's watching post
Where you always see the most
The pre- and the post-
The violent sea coast
Don't build us another moat
Because I still want you
And it's not a song you'll
Play from the book we wrote
There's a passage that you quote
To raise or demote
The constant scapegoat in tears
Track Name: I'm Thinking of You
I'm thinking of you
I am thinking of you
When the moon touches the stars
I can't stand it anymore
To sit in the dark
With my hand over my heart
I am thinking of you
I am thinking of you
When the sky feels so big
And the distance that I dread
Comes tumbling down on me
The memories in my head
I'm thinking of you
I am thinking of you
But everything you did is coming back to me
I am thinking of you
I am thinking of you
Track Name: Fever Coming
How could you do it baby
How could you leave
Cause I feel like I got a fever coming on
Why did you do it
You're pulling teeth
I feel like I got a fever coming on
Track Name: Thurston Moore's Lava Tube Revisited
Don't tinker with the past
Or you'll find a relic unearthed
The floor is scattered with rotting leaves
And I've been searching to appease
A sentiment that's grown in my head
Don't tinker with the past
I looked up to see the sun trickling in
The room was unchanged
But I felt a little strange
I remember it clearer now
The wind was moving shadows on my floor
I could see you, peering in from my door
Well, I caught a glimpse
You had your head dowm
Track Name: Memory of a Song
You wake up to
A loving chorus of song
But the tune isn't true
It's a memory far away gone
Track Name: Kitchen Song
And I watch the steam rise
From a dish I just washed
Extinguish like a blackened match
I don't want to know
What's happening outside
It seems worse than death
Maybe I'm just scared of it
I don't want to know
And I think I heard a sound
Hide under the table
It must be the kitchen sink
I don't want to know
I think I can see my breath
It must be worse than death
When was the floor last swept?
I don't want to know
Listen to the quietness
Track Name: A Lax Mattock
You are the decimal point
And I am the refracting light
We rip off the rigged joint
To soothe the looming bite
How's that smile doing on your face?
Don't you shiver when you taste the
Sourness of grown-up life
You're sure to meet
The bleeding cut throats
Of the life you're bound to live
You are the decimal point
And I'm the bleeding swine
We'll rip up another joint
And frenzy as we dine
Track Name: Rosary Beads
Eric, I see your rosary beads
Fastened to your wall
There's a lamp shade in the bathroom sink
Next to an old doll
You turn all the pages in your book
How were the days they overlooked?
Why gander at them all?
And why do you wonder how we fall?
In your room I see the patterned scarves
Hanging from your drawer
Paintings you did years ago
Adorn your floor
How were the days we overlooked
Lost in the pages of your book?
Don't you gander at it all
And stop that wondering why we fall
I could have tried
Stick a needle in my eye
I wouldn't lie eating cherry pie
I could have tried
With that needle in my eye
I shouldn't hide
With french fries on the side
I could have tried
Stick a needle in my eye
Track Name: Stand Up Screaming
You stand up screaming
"You'll never get it right"
You could never match a fight
You could never shine the light
You can only bah bah-dah
And how could you get off at the same stop as I?
You're on your own now
You find comfort in the pint
You feel you've lost the time
You're always trying to find
Trying to find that bah bah-dah
And why did you caught up when you said good-bye?